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Meet Shebra

Shebra Evans’ advocacy work around educational equity was sparked in 2008 when she came into contact with families who were struggling to make ends meet or have a voice in their children’s academic experiences at her eldest daughter’s elementary school.

Originally from Ohio and wanting a good school district for her children, she found herself living in Aspen Hill when she and her husband first moved to the area. When she discovered that her local elementary school was a Title 1 school, she embraced the experience, recognizing the benefits that the additional resources could make for students and families.

Her voice for educational access to resources first came to the fore at the County level when she saw how her daughter was being given different, easier homework than a friend, who attended a school in a wealthier part of the County. Wanting to be part of the solution, she became involved in PTA at the local and county level with the Montgomery County Council of PTA, and was then prompted by those who knew of her educational advocacy work to run for School Board.

Mrs. Evans has served as Vice President of Educational Issues, Vice President of Programs, recording secretary for the Delegate Assembly, and Wheaton Cluster Coordinator with the Montgomery County Council of PTA. She has also been part of the Superintendent’s Operating Budget and Math Exam Work groups, and was co-leader of the African American Student Achievement Group. She is currently chair of the Board of Education’s Communication and Stakeholder Engagement Committee and is a member of the Board of Education’s Policy Management and Strategic Planning Committee. At the state level, she is treasurer on the Maryland Association for Boards of Education (MABE) and chairs both MABE’s Budget and Educational Equity committee and is a member of the Policy and Procedures committee and Blueprint Implementation Ad Hoc committee.

She is committed to ensuring all students have access to the resources and high academic rigor they need to achieve no matter where they live in the County, and is equally passionate about bringing diversity and diverse voices to the School Board. She brings her background as a financial analyst to the Board of Education’s oversight of the budget, accountability and commitment to good governance.



On the Issues

Shebra's campaign is centered around three very important issues: Prekindergarten Expansion, Educational Equity, and Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse workforce. 


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